Saturday, November 15, 2008

Big News!

scotty boy got his first tooth this week! it's only about a millimeter tall but i'm reminded that it's there every time scott bites down on my finger and a tiny jagged sharp thing digs into my skin! the following picture is of scott sporting his brand new hat made by my friend christia palizzi (you can go to her link on my blog if you want to buy one of your own!) I think its just about the cutest hat ever and of course scott makes it even cuter. my favorite thing about this little tyke is that despite the fact that he's teething and has been sick for the past few days he is still so pleasant to be around. aren't we all relieved that he got his dad's disposition and beautiful blue eyes?


The Thomas Family said...

Oh! Wow, after I got your email I thought it was like, "I'm pregnant!" big news!
Don't they look so cute! Claire has two already!

Grandy said...

I think he has his Grandy's disposition :) He just keeps getting cuter and cuter. I hope he gets feeling better soon...and everybody else in the family who is sick. Love you all, mom k.

the binghams said...

the hat turned out great! good colors! hope you guys get feeling better.

Ryan & Amanda said...

I wish Alli could be a little more pleasant during teething! Luckily it seems she gets them 2 at a time. I love the hat and the picture of Scott. His eyes look so blue, they really are beautiful!

Christia said...

Natalie & James,
I'm so happy Scott is such a happy boy when teething...he, uhm, needs to tell Gabriel to be nice when teething ;)
I think you picked out PERFECT colors for Scott's eyes :)