Wednesday, November 19, 2008

home sweet home

i know this is a little late but i'm finally getting around to posting some pictures of our apartment for those friends and family that live far away and would like to see what its like. james took some nice pictures of our apartment the night we moved everything in (back in August) and i took some pictures the night my mom came to visit (since it was the one time that every room in the house was clean at the same time!) so i can show you some nice "before" and "after" shots.

our front room - before
our front room - after
the amazing thing is that i somehow cleaned this whole front room in one day while scott miraculously took a really long nap. sometimes i think of that day and
marvel that i was able to do so much that day when its so hard now to just get the dishes done!
kitchen - before
kitchen - after

dining area/washer & dryer closet - before

dining area - after
master bedroom - before
master bedroom - after

scott's room - before
scott's room - after
and for a complete slideshow of our home take a look at this:

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Hinton Family said...

You apartment seems so big. Maybe ours is just a little cluttered (Jackson's crib is in our kitchen since they wake eachother up) Anyway, I love little Scott's room. So cute!

Ryan & Amanda said...

It looks great! You always make your apartments look so cute! I especially like Scott's room.

Annie said...

Fun to see where you live. I especially enjoyed the jazzy elevator music while I took the tour. It's a cute place! I bet you are really enjoying it there. I just wish it was a little closer to here.

Devin & Shalise said...

Nata, your house is so cute!! I love Scotty's room!! It's HUGE! See you tomorrow!

Barrett, Becca and Luke Morley said...

Nat-so I bought the exact same crib bedding for Luke's room before he was born. I love it. The theme of his rooom is "let your dreams set sail" The only problem is Luke has managed to remove all the bumper ties from yanking on the bumper. Anyway, love it!

Christia said...

Scott's room is SOOOOO CUTE!!!

Mimi said...

We are excited too - but deep down I am hoping it is a girl - whatever - we'll be happy and Scott will get to be the big cousing to look up to.

KB Morgan Fam said...

Very nice digs!! Thanks for sharing!