Wednesday, November 19, 2008

home sweet home

i know this is a little late but i'm finally getting around to posting some pictures of our apartment for those friends and family that live far away and would like to see what its like. james took some nice pictures of our apartment the night we moved everything in (back in August) and i took some pictures the night my mom came to visit (since it was the one time that every room in the house was clean at the same time!) so i can show you some nice "before" and "after" shots.

our front room - before
our front room - after
the amazing thing is that i somehow cleaned this whole front room in one day while scott miraculously took a really long nap. sometimes i think of that day and
marvel that i was able to do so much that day when its so hard now to just get the dishes done!
kitchen - before
kitchen - after

dining area/washer & dryer closet - before

dining area - after
master bedroom - before
master bedroom - after

scott's room - before
scott's room - after
and for a complete slideshow of our home take a look at this:

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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Big News!

scotty boy got his first tooth this week! it's only about a millimeter tall but i'm reminded that it's there every time scott bites down on my finger and a tiny jagged sharp thing digs into my skin! the following picture is of scott sporting his brand new hat made by my friend christia palizzi (you can go to her link on my blog if you want to buy one of your own!) I think its just about the cutest hat ever and of course scott makes it even cuter. my favorite thing about this little tyke is that despite the fact that he's teething and has been sick for the past few days he is still so pleasant to be around. aren't we all relieved that he got his dad's disposition and beautiful blue eyes?

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

our little boy is growing up.

this past monday for family home evening we took scotty boy swimming at the local ymca. these first two shots were before we actually put him into the pool. we were just getting him used to being shirtless i guess. and since he loves being naked, he was happy as a clam. he wasn't quite as excited when we actually put him in the water. it wasn't quite as warm as a nice bath at home. but he got used to it over time.

here he is with his cute little daddy playing in the water.

and for the past week or so scott has been getting really close to rolling over.

yesterday i laid him down on a blanket on his back and ran upstairs for a couple minutes. when i came down he was on his STOMACH! so basically i missed seeing the first time my little boy rolled.

but tonight he decided he was done staying put. he was rolling all over the place so we got it on camera. take a look...

Sunday, November 2, 2008


here he is... the amazing little bat boy who against popular belief actually loved wearing a mask!
this is the mask that i tried to make him. but it was such cheap material that by the time i wrapped it around his head it literally fell apart in my hands. (you can see the frayed edges in this picture)
but that was okay because he didn't like it much. he would only wear it when he was being fed. and even then he was a little sketchy about it.
that's why i'm the only one with a mask on in this picture at a halloween party for our kids. he screamed and tore it off so i gave up. but i'm all decked out as batwoman as you can see. too bad i was one of the only adults that even dressed up! so much for me wearing black spandex and a cape.
but scott liked my mask more anyway so i got a cute picture of he and james in their masks at our ward halloween party. you've heard of batman and robin. well this is batman and BATBOY!!!

and i had to add this cute picture of james. he made us such an amazing sunday roast dinner today. it was delicious!