Tuesday, December 8, 2009

scott's first tromp through the snow

we've had a lot of snow in des moines today. it makes me glad that i bought this door wreath a couple days ago. and this just shows the dedication of my husband to run barefoot out into the snow drift to show how high it actually is (it wasn't my idea, i swear).
but earlier today, before things started getting crazy, scott had a nice little tromp through the snow. (tromp? did i make that word up?)


Annie said...

We haven't had but just a skiff of snow! I hope that we get a bit for christmas. Snow is always great at Christmas.

Ryan & Amanda said...

I love the snow covered wreath :) too funny. I would agree that the Santa you guys met may just be the real Santa, he looks pretty realistic! Scott's little smile is so cute, can't wait to see it in real life!!!

Mimi said...

Wow! Utah may just feel warm for you. What a wreath - it looks pretty cool snow-covered. Don't think we can get anything to look like that here in Houston - although we did enjoy a flew flurries last weekend buy nothing stuck :(.
Scott is adorable - miss you guys!