Monday, December 14, 2009

we're finally out!

we are finally able to get out of our house and drive on the roads again though they are still really icy and kind of scary. but here are some more pictures of when we were trapped inside.
thursday morning james and his car-pool buddies got up early to dig themselves out of the parking lot. they ended up digging this lady out while they were at it. (i was safe and warm up in our bedroom taking the picture. :)) this is one of my favorite little pictures of scotty looking out at the snow. he was so mezmerized by all of the white stuff building up outside our window. he wanted to go out and play so much until he realized how freezing cold it was.

after a while we decided to do some baking but we didn't have access to the stores. luckily jaime mayo and emily crofts gave us their recipe for these delicious chocolate ball things so we tried them out. no - scott hasn't grown three feet in the past week, we just pulled in a stool for him to stand on. he was such a good little helper.
here i am mid-roll.

this is a REALLY long video of our chocolate ball making. don't feel pressured to watch it all - or any of it for that matter. i just love the memory of this day.

and this was the final measuring of the snowdrift outside our house. as you can see, it almost comes up to james' shoulder. its been four days and the wall is still there. its just so cold here that i swear its never going to melt away.

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Mimi said...

And you thought the west was known for snow! The midwest can really pack a punch. :D
Like looking at your pictures but very glad to be living in warmer weather.