Tuesday, December 8, 2009

to complete thanksgiving weekend...

this post is a bit of a catch up of how we finished out the thanksgiving break. of course we watched the utah/byu game with our peeps. (some of them more our peeps than the other depending on who they cheered for. just kidding!)

scott loved running around getting attention from everyone. and he also loved watching the game with his dad. he just loves the utes. that's why he picked out that red shirt to wear. he just can't get enough of them.

another highlight of the weekend was when scott got to meet santa. it was in the middle of the afternoon on a monday and poor santa had no visitors so he called us over to read a book with him. scott was a little hesitant and he needed his dad right there by him but he actually did a pretty good job with it all.

he even got to give santa a 5. we kind of think he might be the real santa.

james and i also got to go to the winter quarters temple in omaha. the jones' babysat for us so we didn't even have to switch off with scott. thanks anne and b.j. and brody!

and my personal highlight of this winter season was buying scott this head sock! i was so worried about his little cheeks, neck and back getting cold where his coat and other hats didn't quite cover. this was the perfect solution! and he only hated wearing it for like twenty seconds!

and this is big... scott is starting to smile for the camera again. its a miracle!

this is just a fun little video of scott in the mall car cart. its not that exciting but he seriously looks so cute.

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marta said...

nata. i love you. i always laugh OUT LOUD when i read your words. the word 'head sock' just got me. that boy of yours is a doll. i just wanna squeeze him. and that santa?!! he is completely the real deal. i can't get over it.

wishing you a merry christmas. you know this holiday reminds me of you every year. may christmas be in your heart the whole year round. xoxox.