Tuesday, December 15, 2009

my new favorite song

ok, i don't usually do this. i don't usually blog about anything other than what we've been up to or the cutest thing scott did today but i just have to put the word out about my newest musical interest. its the first song playing on our playlist when you click on our blog so if you don't have the volume up on your computer you'll have to turn it up. it's this guy and he calls himself "owl city" and this song is "fireflies" but i like others (that are also in random places on the playlist) the first time i heard this song i thought, "good, not great." But it has completely grown on me. so visit my blog a few times and give it a chance and let me know if you fall in love with it too!

Monday, December 14, 2009

little christmas train ride

such a sad picture for such a fun outing! anne and i took the boys to the mall today to ride the christmas train but we decided to ride separately so that we could take pictures of each other. these were scott's feelings about that idea...
scott cried through out anne and brody's entire train ride. for any of you that knew me as a small child this video may remind you a little too much of myself. (for those of you who didn't know me as a child we have many home videos of me crying because i couldn't go on the rides with my older brother and sisters. scott and i have such hard lives!! :))
but scott did finally get his turn and he loved it! he cried again when he had to get off. we may have to make a couple trips to the train this year.
then we let the boys roam around the mall a bit. they just have so much fun together. i love it so stinking much.

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we're finally out!

we are finally able to get out of our house and drive on the roads again though they are still really icy and kind of scary. but here are some more pictures of when we were trapped inside.
thursday morning james and his car-pool buddies got up early to dig themselves out of the parking lot. they ended up digging this lady out while they were at it. (i was safe and warm up in our bedroom taking the picture. :)) this is one of my favorite little pictures of scotty looking out at the snow. he was so mezmerized by all of the white stuff building up outside our window. he wanted to go out and play so much until he realized how freezing cold it was.

after a while we decided to do some baking but we didn't have access to the stores. luckily jaime mayo and emily crofts gave us their recipe for these delicious chocolate ball things so we tried them out. no - scott hasn't grown three feet in the past week, we just pulled in a stool for him to stand on. he was such a good little helper.
here i am mid-roll.

this is a REALLY long video of our chocolate ball making. don't feel pressured to watch it all - or any of it for that matter. i just love the memory of this day.

and this was the final measuring of the snowdrift outside our house. as you can see, it almost comes up to james' shoulder. its been four days and the wall is still there. its just so cold here that i swear its never going to melt away.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

snow day!!!

i haven't experienced an official snow day since i was in seventh grade. i have always had that day in my memory as the most perfect day and now i know why. isn't there just something special about being trapped inside the house with your family because of white fluffy cold stuff that's building up around your windows? i love it!
so here are a few of the things we've done today to keep ourselves busy:
first we decided to make some chocolate treats (because you can't very well have a snow day without chocolate treats). scott LOVED licking off the spoon. he was seriously in heaven.
our fudge-face boy...

and then we played a little bit of dress-up with mom's glasses. doesn't he look old? not like 3 or 4 years old, like 67 years old.

and of course we had to get some more footage of the snowdrift outside our door. its so cool looking! (and even high now than it was when we made this video) we literally can't see outisde our windows unless we are standing on the couch.
(movie not uploading on blogger. hopefully coming soon!)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

scott's first tromp through the snow

we've had a lot of snow in des moines today. it makes me glad that i bought this door wreath a couple days ago. and this just shows the dedication of my husband to run barefoot out into the snow drift to show how high it actually is (it wasn't my idea, i swear).
but earlier today, before things started getting crazy, scott had a nice little tromp through the snow. (tromp? did i make that word up?)

the box

its amazing to me how much fun two little boys can have with a box.
we love having sweet brody over.

to complete thanksgiving weekend...

this post is a bit of a catch up of how we finished out the thanksgiving break. of course we watched the utah/byu game with our peeps. (some of them more our peeps than the other depending on who they cheered for. just kidding!)

scott loved running around getting attention from everyone. and he also loved watching the game with his dad. he just loves the utes. that's why he picked out that red shirt to wear. he just can't get enough of them.

another highlight of the weekend was when scott got to meet santa. it was in the middle of the afternoon on a monday and poor santa had no visitors so he called us over to read a book with him. scott was a little hesitant and he needed his dad right there by him but he actually did a pretty good job with it all.

he even got to give santa a 5. we kind of think he might be the real santa.

james and i also got to go to the winter quarters temple in omaha. the jones' babysat for us so we didn't even have to switch off with scott. thanks anne and b.j. and brody!

and my personal highlight of this winter season was buying scott this head sock! i was so worried about his little cheeks, neck and back getting cold where his coat and other hats didn't quite cover. this was the perfect solution! and he only hated wearing it for like twenty seconds!

and this is big... scott is starting to smile for the camera again. its a miracle!

this is just a fun little video of scott in the mall car cart. its not that exciting but he seriously looks so cute.