Tuesday, April 26, 2011

easter eggs and baby bunnies

for a kid who didn't know what an easter egg hunt was a week ago... scott is now an eXpErT at the sport!  between church hunts, neighborhood hunts and mommy hiding eggs all over the house, scott has found more eggs than a kid could ask for. 
first we had the church easter egg hunt.  we were going to have it at a park but it was rainy so we had it inside the church gym. 
still a screaming success!  as you can see, scott found a LOT of eggs!  (ok- he didn't really have to "find" them.  they were just scattered across the floor.  but still.)
then we had the very cool easter treat of having anne, brody and macie jones come up to play.  and of course we had to have our annual egg hunt with brodes.  it was still raining so they searched for eggs in scott's room.
he was so excited that you would have thought this was scott's first easter egg hunt.
but they didn't hunt very long.  they sat down next to the first eggs they saw and started devouring the candy.
then we gave brody his easter present (a giant chocolate bunny).
i think the high dosage of sugar made the boys go a little crazy and they both found themselves in time out - at the same time - in the same place.  i don't think they learned their lesson.
here's my scott with anne's macie.  i keep telling scott he's too young to flirt but he just can't help himself.
i love these two.
i love these 4 even more.
the next day was the westlake easter egg hunt at crocker park.  it was chaotic! 
and not quite as fruitful as the other hunts but scott was extremely proud of his two eggs.
here we are on easter sunday.  sara is wearing a cute dress that the kearns gave us (thanks kearns!) and fancy sparkly shoes that grandy gave us.  (thanks grandy!)   and the new bow that anne got us to help tame sara's wild hair (thanks anne!) scott and i have regular old clothes on but somehow they are special on easter sunday.
for easter dinner we had our friends derrick, crystal and linda over.  scott loves these guys.
and here's my little easter bunny.
i took this picture on the one of the sunny days we've had recently.  they are few and far between these days so when the sun is shining we run outside and soak in the rays!


Ryan & Amanda said...

We are big fans of Easter egg hunts here too, so much fun! It looks like it was a great weekend! I wish we were close by each other to get together!

bj+anne+brody+macie said...

So, I can't help but not like the friends that were able to spend Easter with you guys. At least she had blonde hair, so you might have been trying to pretend I was there.
We go see Scottie? (from Brody EVERY time we get in the car)

Christia said...

I love the pictures! SO cute! And tell Anne that her kids are SO freaking cute!