Sunday, April 3, 2011

scott & sara

this is a collage of our most recent photo shoots in no particular order.
this was last week sometime so sara is 5 and something weeks old.
this one was taken today so again... she's 5 and something weeks old.

this is scott with his buddy thomas waiting for the mall train to arrive.
scott in front of the very awesome (and not at all cheap) mall train.
scott unloading the utensil tray (never too young to learn how too work!)
i absolutely love this footage of scott and sara.  he is seriously such a good big brother.  he's so protective of her and always trying to help her be happy.   

sara was having some "tummy time" when i looked down and saw that scott had decided to share his toy plane with her.
yes, this was staged but he does it all the time. he loves giving his sara kisses especially eskimo kisses.
i love this shot. i was taking pictures of sara when scott snuck in with this determined glare.  i'm not sure if he was being protective of her or if he was mad that i wasn't taking pictures of him.
this was not staged. i looked over and saw scott carressing sara's face. luckily i had my camera in hand and ready to shoot.
this picture didn't turn out so well but i love that scott is holding sara's hand.
i was trying so hard to get scott to look at the camera but he was much too pre occupied with sara's hair.
again, not a great photo but i love that sara is watching scott with so much amusement.  she loves watching him and honestly gets cranky when scott leaves the room.

at least they're both looking at the camera...

p.s.  i am becoming increasingly aware of the fact that sara wears a LOT of pink.


Cassie and Mitch said...

Scotty is getting so big!! I should try the utinsel thing with Hallie! Sara is so beautiful!!!

Ryan & Amanda said...

There is nothing wrong with pink :). I love Scott's happy, exciting face waiting for the train!

Mimi said...

Did you get our box of stuff for her? I did include some new things for her but we have some Kenna clothes to pass on too. Love you!

jaredandgina said...

They are so cute together!! How fun!

RVLAH said...

Congrats (a bit belated, oops!) on that beautiful baby girl! Your kids are both darling. Good luck with two and have SO much fun :)

Val & Ryan

Christia said...

Scott looks SO big now! I know he's almost 3 but what the heck happened?? Sara is adorable, and I LOVE the pink!

Hansen's Fantastic Four! said...

Not random at all Natalie!! I totally loved your comment and it made me miss you coming over and chatting with me at good ol' maple Grove!! I got my book last week!! Thank you!! I can't wait to start it...i've gotta finish the one im reading now before i can start. And you have to make it to Mt.Rushmore really is a neat neat place. And there is a really good museum and video that will tell you all about how "they" carved out those faces.And you'll learn who "they" are!! Anyway, I CANNOT believe that hair on little sarah's head!! How fun to have hair to play with already!! She is absolutely beautiful. We miss you guys.

The Morley's said...

I can't believe how much Scott reminds me of Luke when he was that age! Y our kids are adorable!! Tess had a ton of dark hair and then at about 6 weeks it started falling out(she never lost all of it though) and it grew in much lighter. Sara doesn't seem to be losing any of hers though. I can't get over how cute she is. Hope all is well!