Monday, April 18, 2011

sara? teeth? what?!

i realize that i put pictures up of scott and me going to the zoo every few months or so but its always so much fun and this time was sara's first time!  i really do love going to the zoo in the winter.  less people, less heat, and of course i get to see scott in his funny little hat.
scott was mesmerized by the gorillas and as you can tell sara was really into them too.
i can't get enough of this kid.
somehow we have been to the Cleveland zoo a handful of times in the past year and have never been to the Australian Adventure section.  it was so fun to discover this new spot, especially the enormous tree house!
scott was just a little excited.
posing in front of the lions. 
and this is scott and me in the movie theater (sara was sleeping somewhere below us).  i took the kids to go see the new Easter movie HOP. since both of them are free and it was a matinee it wasn't too expensive and it was fun to do something a little different.
the past couple weeks have been difficult for our little sara girl.  we weren't sure what was wrong with her so we took her to the doctor where she received a clean bill of health.  later that night, however, we realized that sara has TEETH poking through!  what???  she's not even 2 months old yet!  but apparently it IS possible.  she has her two "vampire" teeth on top poking through (yikes).  but james has been such a good dad to help sooth and comfort her during her rough time.  and i'd be lying to say that i'm not just a tiny bit jealous of how much sara loves her daddy.
a few days ago we went with our friends sarah and nick jones (and fam) to the Jump Yard.  we knew that scott would love running around and jumping on all the bouncy houses but we had no idea how much mommy (me) would love it too. 
here's scott and me inside one of the bounce mazes.  i had such a blast with this little scott man.  i felt like a kid again and let me tell you... it feels AMAZING to be able to actually move like this again!
mitchell and scott.  so hard to get them to sit still and look at the camera.
the other day when i was giving sara a bath scott pulled his chair up and started to help.  i keep waiting for him to get tired of her or stop being so cute with her but it hasn't happened yet.  (i'm keeing my fingers crossed.)
and here is the latest photo shoot (these were taken today which makes sara a day short of 8 weeks old.)
i was so excited because i FINALLY dressed her in an outfit that wasn't primarily pink! and i love even more how the blue in her shirt matches the blue in her eyes.
sara is smiling more and more every day but my favorite part about this picture is that sara is smiling at scott who was jumping on my back like a monkey while i was taking this picture.

at the end of the photo shoot i gave scott a wipe for a buger he found in his nose.  after wiping his hands off he took the wipe (and many more) and proceeded to clean off all of his toys, his table, the floor, the wall and anything else he could find.  when he was all done he threw the wipes in the trash and announced, "all done cleaning!"  (i'm glad someone will clean our house!)


Ryan & Amanda said...

Oh wow, I didn't realize when James was telling me about Sara's teeth that they were poking through. Super crazy, but I guess that explains her crankiness so hopefully she will be back to normal soon! Love her beautiful blue eyes! Scott has such a cute personality, man I miss him (and you guys!).

Mimi said...

I can't believe Sara is already getting teeth! Cade is almost 2 and only has 8.
And April is no longer winter - hate to inform you. It will be 90 here tomorrow - feel free to come visit.

C said...

HOLY COW, TEETH!? Poor little baby girl! Our 9 month old still doesn't have any. The zoo looks awesome, can't wait to visit there next year!

sarah.jones said...

Mitch is still talking about the jump yard with Scott; we may need to go there again! Hope Sara's feeling better with her teeth.

Christia said...

Ahh! These pictures make me miss you guys SO much! I can't believe Sara has teeth already! She's so sweet!